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(A) X-ray detection employing nano- and micro-structured thin film detectors
Periodic multilayer aerogel based High Energy Current (HEC) detector: Surrogate vacuum
3D printing for rapid prototyping of sensor arrays
Novel interdigital strip sensors for detection of keV / MeV x-rays: Optimization of micrometer interdigit width and spacing
A novel method for effective contact potential characterization in metal-insulator-metal structures: Large area nanostructured films
Variable micro-gap High Energy Current (HEC) sensor: The limits of radiation transport simulations at low energies: Ambiguities in deposited energy, deposited charge and particle currents
A novel multilayer EPID detector employing periodic high-Z/low-Z thin films: High-transparency high-contrast MV imaging
A novel diagonal strip detector for beam-line characterization
High Energy (HEC) detectors: Multiplayer high-Z/low-Z thin film concept
Photovoltaic radiation sensor arrays for kV/MV dosimetry
Thin film sensor arrays for real-time dosimetry in interventional radiology: Fluoroscopy
Aerogel based self-powered Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID) for first responders
(B) Radiosensitization of tumor employing high-Z nanoparticles and imaging of nanoparticles
Radiosensitization of tumors by high-Z nanoparticles: Nanoscale radiation transport using high-spatial resolution, zero-noise, deterministic computations in 3D: Asymmetry in Auger emission and effects due to nanoparticle clusters
High-Z nanoparticle based brachytherapy: Sink effect leading to organ at risk sparing
High-Z nanoparticle based x-ray treatment of macular degeneration of the eye
Multi-scale radiation transport in nanoparticle based radiotherapy: From macro- and micro-beams to nano-scale interfacial effects
High-Z nanoparticle based radiotherapy: Review of radiation transport simulations
Optimal high-Z nanoparticle based radiotherapy: Exploration of new linac beamlines
Optimal high-Z nanoparticle based radiotherapy: Optimization of clinical techniques and parameters
Radiobiology for high-Z nanoparticle based radiotherapy: Cell survival, Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) Mixed Poisson LQ model for clustering and distance from the cellular target
Imaging of nanoparticles in vivo during megavoltage radiotherapy employing positron annihilation and photon counting
(C) Image guided adaptive radiotherapy
Adaptive radiotherapy employing Cone Beam CT (CBCT): Patient weight loss and tumor shrinkage in head & neck cancer treatment
Hyperpolarized Helium MRI for estimation of lung function in lung cancer radiotherapy
(D) Reconstruction and automated feature extraction in Cone Beam CT (CBCT) and Cone Beam Tomosynthesis (CBTS)
CB Tomosynthesis of breast: Auto clip detection and optimal beam angles
(E) Model based IMRT optimization
Smart VMAT
(F) IMRT and linac QA
Stereotactic radiosurgery QA: Radiation isocenter characterization due to gantry, collimator, couch rotations: X-ray- and laser-sensitive phosphor screens
MLC related errors in IMRT
Dark current errors in ion chamber arrays: Low-dose rate and out-of-field IMRT dosimetry Correction of dark current errors
Angular dependence of IMRT QA ion chamber arrays: Correction of angular errors
Beam model for small-animal kVp irradiator
In-house dose calculation for IMRT
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